Jamaat-e-Islami Hind formulates its policy programme at the end of each 4 years and Jamaat’s cadre with all its sincerity strives hard to achieve what has been planned. The execution of policy and programme is under the following heads:-

  • Dawah
  • Islamic society
  • Community issues
  • National issues
  • International issues
  • Service to humanity (Khidmat-e-Khalque)
  • Training (Tarbiyath) and organization.

Activities under Dawah:

The Jamaat’s cadre establishes good human relations with Non-Muslim brethren. On an average 8000 contacts are established each month with men and women.

Free distribution of copies of Holy Quran and Islamic Literature is in vogue.

To inculcate Dawah spirit among selected peoples training classes are arranged every month, at different places.

Greeting cards on festive occasions are distributed among Non-Muslim brethren and sisters.

Dawah programmes including Dars-e-Quran, Dars-e-Hadith and lectures are arranged in localities of Non-Muslim Brethren.

Interfaith dialogue between the followers of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are arranged at selected places.

TV and Radio programmes telecasting Dars-e-Quran, Dars-e-Hadith and lectures are arranged with various Telugu and Urdu Channels.

Weekly Telugu journal (Geeturai) is printed and distributed and sold throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. Monthly magazine Anupama for Ladies is also published.

Kanti Rekha Mobile Van “tours with stock of books and Islamic literature at many a places. Reading facility is also provided inside the van.

Postal library:

Muslim and Non-Muslim brethren are enrolled and selected books are sent to them through post on returnable basis in phased manner.

Telugu School of Journalism:-

The Jamaat has started school of journalism where training in journalism is provided to selected students.

Islamic Society:-

Besides establishing individual contacts with Muslim brethren, literature and Holy Quran are distributed among them free of cost.

Friday Sermons are delivered in Mosques. Average gathering is about 250.

Weekly and monthly congregations are arranged where Dars-e-Quran, Dars-e-Hadith and lectures on different topics are arranged.

Manages libraries and reading rooms are functioning across the State of Telangana.

Community Issues:


Adult education centers are functioning at different places.

Primary schools, High schools, Deeni Madaris functioning at selected places. Besides this Sabahi Madaris are also functioning. Educational awakening programme is launched every year.

Mutually Aided Co-operative Credit societies are established :-

Service to Humanity:-

Jamaat had established in all Moqami Jamaats shobe Khidmate Khalque.

Welfare activities such as distribution of pension to widows and poor students, education aid, aid to establish business, for marriages, funeral expenses, medical expenses, construction and repairs to homes, rehabilitation to victims of flood, rain, fires and other atrocities.

Muslim Maternity and Children’s General Hospital:

Islamic Social Service Society is running this Hospital and other clinics on Non-commercial basis. Muslim Maternity Hospital is established exclusively for women only. Nursing school is also functioning. The hospital is equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments. Facility of Lab testing is also available. Children’s ward is a further addition.

Teaching and Training programme for Deaf Dumb & Blind is being conducted every week. 60 people (Men & Women) undergo training.

Sewing Centers:

Women’s Wing had started sewing centers at different places across the State of Telangana.