M. N. Baig Zahid
Secretary, Islamic Society

1. Jamat would strive to elucidate with hikmat(wisdom) the true message of Islam in a comprehensive manner, explain its commandments in individual & collective life such that Muslims become conscious of the questioning in life after death, seek God’s acceptance, love Prophet Muhammmad (peace be upon him) and get inspired to follow Him(P.B.U.H), cleanse their lives from intellectual and practical faultlines and live life according to Islamic teachings.
Jamat will try to make muslims conscious of the fact that they are Khair-e-ummat (best community) and that with a strong foundation of Qur’an and Sunnah they must unite and fulfill the duty of shahaadat-e-haq (witnessing the truth) and succeed in performing the Nasab-ul-Ain (core objective) i.e. Aqamat-e-Deen (establishment of Deen).

2. Jamat would try to develop families in light of Islamic teachings, train children & youth as per Islamic tradition and protect them from the ill-effects of western and pagan cultures. It would continue to struggle to propagate the true perspective on women’s rights and duties, and women be given the true status they deserve in society. And make sure that women are in a position to play their dutibound role to establish goodness and eradicate evil from society.

3. In a bid to construct a society based on Islam, Jamat would try to construct Masaajid(mosques), Makaatib(schools), Dar-ul-Qazat and other social and welfare institutes which are representatives of Islamic values.