Every day we are witnessing people dying before our eyes.

Are we prepared for the life after Death?

Purpose of Life

‘He is the One’ Who created death and life in order to test which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Almighty, All-Forgiving.

At an individual level leading a life according to the commands of the creator. At society level helping the fellow human beings, stopping them from doing wrong and advising them for good.


This is the single most important question that impacts a person’s destiny and is equally, the most overlooked one.

Every soul must taste death, and none has returned to tell this world the reality of the other world.

Who, but the One and Only Creator can describe the true picture of events after death?

It is He Alone Who created this world we live in and also the One we are inching our way towards, which is certain to come on that destined day.

Both Philosophy and Science fail to answer what comes after death. On the contrary, God Almighty sent Prophets in every age, and to every nation. They came with divine guidance (from the One and Only Creator) to individuals and societies on leading life on earth, and which included a detailed account of life after death.

Atheists and agnostics believe nothing comes after death. Vedic and Semitic religions state emphatically that all humans will be resurrected to account for their beliefs and deeds on the Day of Judgment/Final Reckoning.

Multiple births, a misconception that even religious scriptures do not support, has taken firm roots in some societies — A belief that multiple re-births of the very same soul happen in different forms, at different times, and that each time the form is a result of the Karmaa (Deeds) in the previous life term. Thus, it is believed to be a perpetual process of death and re-birth.

It is but reasonable for a person ‘downgraded’ in punishment from a ‘higher’ existence to a lower one to know and clearly remember what crime he/she is paying for. By the same token, a person if ‘upgraded’ in reward should also know and clearly remember for what virtue he/she got ‘elevated’ in position from the ‘previous birth’ to the ‘current one’. Does anyone of us know or remember anything at all from the ‘previous birth’?

Furthermore, an animal in the ‘current birth’ is bereft of any moral compass to enable any acts of virtue or vice that would result in promotion or demotion from a position an animal held in the ‘previous birth’ or will get in the ‘subsequent birth’. Their instincts are limited to protecting themselves from predators, being able to search for food and feed themselves, and procreation.

So, CONCLUSIVELY, the theory/belief of multiple re-births is unfounded as even Hindu holy scriptures do not support such a belief, and which is untenable by any stretch of reason.

One other prevailing narrative of life after death is Atheism.

Atheism emphasizes evolution as opposed to creation — No Creator — No purpose of life — One just gets lost into oblivion after death.

Since our planet has a life-supporting system, it is unique in the known astronomical world. This strongly suggests the presence and control of an All-Wise and All-Powerful Creator.

Mathematically, the probability of self and automatic creation of such a planet and Universe with such profound design is simply one odd over infinity, that is not ‘almost zero’ but an ABSOLUTE ZERO.

Moreover, when everything in the cosmos is so orderly created and functioning, and is with a definite purpose, why would he have created humans without a purpose of life?

A reasonably thinking unbiased person would arrive logically at this conclusion, independently:

  1. Existence of the One and Only Creator.
  2. There ought to be a definite Purpose of Creation.
  3. There ought to be Accountability of Humans, creatures who are intelligent, blessed with discretion, and a will to act.

All divine revelations reinforce this line of logical reasoning, grant absolute clarity, and details humans could NEVER have acquired on their own, despite all their intellect, collectively or individually.

Holy Qur’aan, the last and final divine revelation revealed to Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him – PBUH) goes beyond the initial conclusions to define the above three logical conclusions with evidence and absolute clarity.


Holy Qur’aan emphatically declares there is One and Only Creator of the universe. It presents the wonderful scheme of creation of every element as proclaiming proof of the existence of the Most Intelligent, Most Powerful, and the Most Merciful Creator.

The holy Qur’aan also precisely elaborates the Purpose of Creation being a test of humans to discover the Creator as the One True God and worship Him Alone without associating partners to him.

Now, we will discuss in detail what Qur’aan says about death, and the life that follows it.

Qur’aan says resurrection is not just possible by the will of God Almighty, but is most certain. Also, it is necessary for rewarding the righteous and punishing the wrongdoers. This will be at a time when all of humanity from the first man Adam (May Peace Be Upon Him) to the last person on earth are brought together. This alone can enable complete justice from the effects of a person’s actions that run across generations.

The law of natural justice demands that the judge summons the accused and the victim at the same time, and at one place for a truly fair judgment. Understandably, Almighty God has reserved hearings and judgments of all cases on the Judgement Day, which is the day of final reckoning.

Let us also examine the situation of justice in this worldly living. It is not uncommon for even mass murderers to escape trials and punishment using their power and political influence. Similarly, many noble and virtuous souls die without any rewards and sometimes get punished at the hands of tyrants. JUSTICE demands there ought to be a life after death, for a fair trial to happen.


Guidance from the Holy Quran on this question:

Do people think We cannot reassemble their bones? 7:3. Yes ˹indeed˺! We are ˹most˺ capable of restoring ˹EVEN˺ their very fingertips [[This refers to the fact that every human has a unique set of fingerprints]]. 75:4

Also, see 75:36-40.


Guidance from the Holy Quran on this question:

Is the one who is a believer equal ˹before God˺ to the one who is rebellious? They are not equal. 32:18

As for those who believe and do good, they will have the Gardens of ˹Eternal˺ Residence—as an accommodation for what they used to do. 32:19 But as for those who are rebellious, the Fire will be their home. Whenever they try to escape from it, they will be forced back into it, and will be told, “Taste the Fire’s torment, which you used to deny.” 32:20.

Death is the crossing of this present temporary life into the next life — One of two possible destinations — An Eternal Paradise or An Eternal Hellfire.

Paradise is the only place where human desires can really be fulfilled at the highest level, and beyond one’s imagination — Human desires of an order that in no way can be fulfilled in this short mortal living on earth, and before death. All humans desire to live a long life, and ideally forever — No aging, being ever healthy without any illness, pain, disease, or distress of any kind. Every one of us desires eternal living and complete luxury.

An extremely few people live a life full of luxuries but eventually, death shatters all of it at the end of this short life. This life before death is an outright mismatch and diametrically opposed to the infinite wishes human nature seeks. Reason demands there ought to be another world, another existence where such human aspirations and much beyond measure can get realized.

CONCLUSION — Human desires are limitless, and therefore require for such fulfillment an existence which is also limitless in terms of time and in bounties. God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’aan that PARADISE IS THE ANSWER. But one must qualify for Paradise. This short life is a trial period to test who deserves eternal paradise.

Here is a brief description of Paradise from the holy Qur’aan:

Paradise is as vast as the heavens and the earth 3:133, 57:21; with streams/rivers of running water, cool shades, delicacies, and pure spouses 2:25, 4:57, 36:55-58, 37:40-49, 38:50-54. It has rivers of honey, milk, water, and wine 47:15, a wine which does not cause intoxication 56:19. The dwellers of paradise live in splendid homes 61:12 and elevated mansions 25:75. Once entered none will be asked to leave 15:45-48 nor they desire anywhere else 18:108.

They neither experience heat nor cold 76:13. All their wishes granted and even more 50:35. Believers will be greeted by Merciful Lord 36:58 and they will see their Lord 75:22-23. They will be reclining on thrones 15:47 wearing golden bracelets and clothes of fine silk 18:30-31. They will be served any fruit they chose 56:20, and meat from any bird they desire 56:21.

On the other hand, those who disbelieved God Almighty by rejecting His existence and those who associated partners to Him in worship will be destined in Hellfire forever. God Almighty will be sole Judge on the day of Judgment 1:4 when the deeds will be judged as per their intentions and a fair judgment will be meted out.

The holy Qur’aan also mentions in detail the torment of Hellfire:

Fire will be everywhere, fire will be their bed; flames will be their cover 7:41. Burning and boiling water 22:19-22, and pus will be the drink of disbelievers. Tree of Zaqqum will be the food 37:62-70 of residents of Hellfire. Their life is described as they will neither live nor die 87:13. They will cry out for instant death but death will not be granted 25:13-14. Their roasted skins will be replaced with new ones 4:56. No ransom or intercession is allowed there 5:36-37. They will wear clothes of tar 14:48-50 and beaten with maces of iron 22:19-22.


Who seek truth and use their intellect to discover God Almighty Who is The Sole Creator, Sustainer and Provider.

Who worship God Almighty alone without associating partners to Him.

Who refrain from idol worship and from worshiping anything (living, dead or inanimate) other than God Almighty.

Who worship and obey God Almighty as per the teachings revealed to Prophets.

Who live this life cautiously with piety and are mindful of God Almighty’s guidance, in order to qualify themselves for eternal paradise.


Who take this world for granted without paying any heed to who is the Creator, Sustainer and Provider.

Who either completely deny the existence of the One and Only Creator, or who associate partners to Him in worship and obedience.

Who live life on their own terms without preparing to qualify for paradise.

Who do not follow the teachings of the Prophet of their time — Divine Revelations to humanity from God Almighty came via Prophets, from time to time.

In the mortal living on earth, righteous people and wrongdoers living together in societies are tested against one another like just as flowers and thorns exist together.

But in the life after death, the righteous and the wrongdoers will be separated. The righteous are destined for Paradise and the wrongdoers for Hellfire, destinations based on beliefs and deeds in the mortal life and based on justice delivered by none other than their Creator.

This life offers us limited resources in a limited lifetime to either earn eternal paradise or eternal Hellfire. Every human is given the freedom of choice and a will to act accordingly.

Quran says:

And say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “˹This is˺ the truth from your Lord. Whoever wills let them believe, and whoever wills let them disbelieve.” Surely We have prepared for the wrongdoers a Fire whose walls will ˹completely˺ surround them. When they cry for aid, they will be aided with water like molten metal, which will burn ˹their˺ faces. What a horrible drink! And what a terrible place to rest! 18:29

The wisest is the one who utilizes this limited life span to qualify for unlimited happiness in eternal blissful life.

The most unfortunate is the one who earns eternal Hellfire for living this short life on his/her own terms without submitting his/her will to the Will of the One and Only All-Powerful, All-Wise and All-Merciful Creator.

May God Almighty forgive our sins and save us from such unimaginable and eternal torment of Hellfire. And O’ God Almighty, guide us to the path of forgiveness of sins and salvation, a path to your pleasure and eternal paradise.

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