Maulana Hamed Mohammad Khan, Ameer-e-Halqa JIH Telangana Eid Greetings – Press Release

The joys of Eid are the reward of the Lord, continue to lead a life favoured by Allah even after the month of fasting.

Maulana Hamed Mohammad Khan, Ameer-e-Halqa Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Telangana’s message on Eid-ul-Fitr

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Maulana Hamed Mohammad Khan, Ameer-e-Halqa Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Telangana, wished the Muslim community and said that the joys of Eid is a reward from Allah after the successful completion of fasting in the month of Ramadan, Taraweeh prayers, Praying on Laylatul Qadr, and other prayers and a celebration of revelation of Quran. Mr. Hamed Mohammad Khan Sahab further said that the believers should pledge on the occasion of Eid that they will live the life after the month of fasting in obedience to the commands of Allah Almighty and obey the will of Allah against their own will and adopt a life in submission to Allah.

He further said that the real recipients of Eid greetings are those who respected the month of Ramadan, followed it to the fullest and pledged that life after Ramadan would be in accordance with Shariah and not according to their own will. Maulana Hamid Mohammad Khan said that this time too we are celebrating Eid in difficult conditions. Corona’s second wave and lockdown are causing problems. But we have full faith in Allah that things will change and Allah’s help will come. Maulana said that even in the time of the Holy Prophet (SAW), more difficult situations had arisen on the occasion of the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Mecca, but the arrival of Eid with the blessings of Ramadan seemed to be a moment of peace and tranquility for him. Maulana said that Eid-ul-Fitr is actually the day of completion of fasts, the day of receiving the reward of the laborer and the opportunity to express the greatness and gratitude of Allah. Therefore, in all kinds of situations and circumstances, our hearts should be filled with praise to Allah Almighty and the voices of Takbir Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar ‘La ilaha illa Allahu’ Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa Lillah hil Hamd should be heard from our homes.

Maulana added that let us also take care of our relatives, neighbors and the poor who are currently suffering from economic hardships. Remember in your prayers the captives who have been persecuted for speaking the truth. On this occasion, let us not forget Syria, Palestine, Uighur and Rohingya Muslims in our prayers. Pray to Allah Almighty to have mercy on the people of the world and to save the whole world from these difficult situations as soon as possible. Maulana in his prayers said that may Allah Almighty end this pandemic as soon as possible. May Allah grant speedy and complete healing to those who are affected in this pandemic. Those who lost their lives and are united with their Lord, may Allah count them among the martyrs, the righteous and grant their relatives with patience. May Allah make this Eid-ul-Fitr a real happy Eid to the Muslims of the world.

Press Secretary

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Hafiz Rashaduddin Hyderabad City President Eid-ul-Fitr Press Statement

Hafiz Muhammad Rashaduddin Hyderabad City President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, wishes the Muslim community on Eid-ul-Fitr

He urged Muslims to seek help in these difficult situations through prayers and supplications.

In a press statement Mr. Rashaduddin wished the Muslim community on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. He said “It will be a very different Eid from earlier ones. But Allah has given us the opportunity to observe Ramadan. We have completed the month of fasting. We have done good deeds to the best of our ability. We are thankful to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, for doing all these things by His grace. May Allah help humanity to overcome Covid-19 pandemic. And hope that Allah will soon return us to our normal life. And, the Muslim Ummah will return to its mission and continue to strive for the establishment of its religion with full determination, InshaAllah. He prayed for the Muslims who had passed away during this pandemic. May Allah Almighty grant them the status of martyrdom, may Allah Almighty be the protector and helper of their survivors, and may Allah Almighty grant immediate and complete healing to all the victims of this pandemic. He urged Muslims to seek help in these difficult situations through prayers and supplications.

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Inauguration of Covid-19 Oxygen Therapy Center in Hyderabad

Due to lack and untimely supply of oxygen, many Covid-19 deaths are taking place. In such a situation, the Islamic Social Service Society, which is being run under the supervision of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Greater Hyderabad, has taken an important step. An Oxygen Therapy Center has been set up in the newly constructed building of the proposed Muslim General Hospital on a large campus with 50 beds to provide first aid and oxygen therapy facility to the victims of Covid-19.

The inauguration was presided over by Maulana Hamid Mohammad Khan. Ms. Sabita Indira Reddy, Minister of State for Education Telangana was the Chief Guest and Mr. Asad uddin Owaisi Member of Parliament Hyderabad, Dr. B. Nagender, Superintendent of Osmania Hospital, Dr. Abdul Khabir Siddiqui, President Dare, Dr. Talha Fayyazuddin, President SIO Telangana, Brother Hamad Azam, President PSF were present on the occasion. Sabita Indira Reddy said that NGOs need to come forward on the occasion of this pandemic so that it can be brought under control as soon as possible. She congratulated the organizers of the Covid-19 Oxygen Therapy Center on its establishment. On the occasion, Secretary Islamic Social Service Society, Hafiz Muhammad Rashaduddin said that the center will treat patients with oxygen therapy who are affected due to lack of oxygen. The center will function as an outpatient unit for the next three days and there after patients will be admitted here. There will be a very reasonable and low fee treatment facility for the patients.

He also clarified that this treatment facility is not for those in need of isolation or patients who are in critical condition. This will be a first-aid and Oxygen therapy center only. For the convenience of the people, it is being set up temporarily for three months which will later be merged with the proposed Muslim General Hospital in Wadi-e-Huda. In his inaugural address, Ameer-e-Halqa of Telangana Maulana Hamid Mohammad Khan said Islamic Social Service Society Hyderabad is an old NGO which has been providing welfare services on various fronts since 1970. He also thanked the youth for their cooperation in setting up this coveted center Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Saadi, Chairman Municipal Corporation Jal Pali, Mr. Muhammad Azharuddin, Dr. Atif Ismail, Mr. Yusuf Ali Khan, Mr. Khalid Bawazir and Mr. Mirza Azam Ali Baig were also present on the occasion.

Press Secretary

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Noted Islamic scholar, inspiring leader, social activist, Former JIH Vice President Prof. Siddique Hassan passes away

New Delhi, April 06, 2021: Former Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Prof K.A. Siddique Hassan (1945- 2021) passed away in Kozhikode, Kerala today. He was a noted Islamic scholar, inspiring leader, and social activist and highly regarded among the wider social and political leadership.


Prof. Hassan’s lasting contribution to society at large consists in pioneering the socio-educational empowerment initiatives in North and Eastern India where the minorities lead a life of economic and educational deprivation. The movement he launched in this regard – Vision 2016 through the Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) formed the backbone of institutional support for the drive. It provided schools, houses, public wells, mosques, and medical care facilities. He served as General Secretary of the Delhi-based HWF, Human Welfare Trust, Society for Bright Future (SBF), Association for the Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), and Medical Service Society (MSS). Since 2016, the project has been re-launched as Vision 2026 and is still operational. It has many projects like establishing hospitals, colleges, universities, and interest-free credit societies. Al-Shifa Hospital, Delhi is part of the HWF – Vision program.

Prof. Hassan was the former Chairman of Madhyamam, a leading Malayalam newspaper, and founder secretary of Ideal Publication Trust, publishers of Madhyamam. He had also held the position of Chairman Alternative Investment and Credit Ltd. (AICL).

Born in Kodungallur in Thrissur district, Kerala in 1945, Prof. Hassan had his education in Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College, Farook, and Islamia College Santapuram. A postgraduate in Arabic, he joined the government college teaching service and served in University College, Maharajas College, Kochi, and govt colleges in Koyilandi, Kodenchery, and Kasargod. Prof Hassan, in addition to authoring and translating various books, also was on the panel of editors of Islam Darshanam, an encyclopedic volume published by Language Institute, Kerala. He was a prolific contributor to many periodicals. He was the President of JIH Kerala, during 1995 – 2005, and later Vice-President Jamat-e-Islami Hind.

Prof. Hassan had been leading a retired life at his son’s home in Kovoor near here, suffering from age-related conditions. He is survived by his wife VK Zubaida, sons Faslurrahman, Sharafuddeen, Anisurrahman, and daughter Sabira.


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Press Meet on Strong Family, Strong Society Campaign

Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Telangana Zone conducted a Press Meet on occasion of Launch of National Campaign “STRONG FAMILY, STRONG SOCIETY“, The campaign will be for 10 days, from 19th to 28th February 2021.

The press meet was addressed by:-
Mrs. Asiya Tasneem Sahiba (President, JIH TS Women Wing)
Mrs. Syeda Sajida Begum Sahiba (Campaign convener, TS)
Mrs. Summayyia Lateefi Sahiba (Campaign co-convener, TS)
Mrs. Ayesha Sultana Sahiba (Vice President, JIH TS women wing)
Mrs. Asma Zarzari Sahiba (Campaign co-convener, TS)
Mrs. Khalida Parveen Secretary Amoomat Society for Women
Moulana Hamid Mohammed Khan President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind T.S Zone

and other dignitaries were also present.

The Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) is conducting a nationwide campaign ‘Strong Family Strong Society’ from 19 February to 28 February 2021.

A family is the basic building block of society and the foundation of civilization. This basic social unit of every community is under tremendous threat of being weakened and disintegrated given the present social scenario. Hence, the JIH Women’s’ Wing is conducting this campaign to create awareness regarding strengthening the family and home, warn people about the dangers of seeking happiness outside the institution of marriage, respecting and protecting the rights of the old and highlight shared family values of every culture.

Some of the activities envisaged during the campaign include grass-root level programs and self-introspection. Corner meetings, family get-togethers, competitions, family quiz, interfaith dialogues, International webinar, panel discussions with lawyers, family counselors and educators, daily online interactive sessions with experts, Friday sermons, group discussions etc. These activities will be organized across the country within the Muslim community as well as for the public. Letters will be sent to community leaders, Imams of mosques and various religious scholars to draw their attention towards this theme.

The National Commission of Women has recently reported an exponential rise in domestic violence during the Covid-19 lockdown. Other survey reports say that the increase in domestic violence is at a 10-year high record. The numbers are actually much higher if one bears in mind the fact that only 7% reach out to authorities for help. Divorce rates increased and cases registered against family disputes have skyrocketed. This data is just the tip of the iceberg and cases of women subject to verbal, physical, sexual and psychological violence and abuse is becoming extremely common. Our children, youth and senior citizens also face difficulties of different kinds.  The youth today wants to evade the responsibilities of marriage and family life.  They refuse to shoulder the responsibility of motherhood and fatherhood. The rising trends of live-in relationship, homosexuality, abortion of unwanted pregnancy as well as the virtual revolt against all value systems of family and society pose a clear and present danger towards the health of a vibrant society. Restoring the basic status of the family and giving proper direction and support to this end is the need of the hour.

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