Representation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Telangana constituency for early decision in view of state cabinet meeting, statement of Hamid Mohammad Khan Amir of JIH Telangana. – اردو میں پڑھیں

Hyderabad 4 / August. The martyrdom of two mosques on the premises of the Secretariat was a serious mistake of the state government which needs to be rectified and compensated. In view of the meeting of the State Cabinet to be held on 5th August, Mr. Hamid Mohammad Khan, Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Telangana, called on the Ministers of State, Mr. Harish Rao, Mr. K. Tarak Rama Rao and State Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali by telephone, he apprised them of the grief and anger among the Muslims after the martyrdom of the two mosques in the Secretariat premises and clarified its serious consequences. He demanded that the issue be considered at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting and that the mistake be rectified immediately. Amir-e-Halqa demanded from these ministers that the places where mosques were located in the premises of the old secretariat should be identified and again the government should either build these mosques on these places or hand over these lands to the State Waqf Board and the mosques should be constructed under the supervision of Waqf Board .

The Amir-e-Halqa also questioned the government and demanded that after the martyrdom of the mosques, it was not known about the various assets in the mosques.  What happened to scriptures and other religious books? The government’s conduct in this matter is extremely irresponsible and hurts the feelings of Muslims. Amir-e-Halqa further said that the attitude of the State Waqf Board in this matter was also very irresponsible, while the Waqf Board is responsible for the protection of all mosques, cemeteries and other places in the state, but its officials in this regard were very irresponsible. They need to determine the location of the lands of these mosques, take them into their custody and arrange for the construction of mosques on them again. After discussions and representation with the state ministers, the ministers assured that the issue would be discussed at the state cabinet meeting and efforts would be made to change the map as much as possible. Hamid Mohammad Khan asked the state government that the sooner this issue is resolved, the better so that the uneasiness and grief among the Muslims is removed and they get justice.

Press Secretary