Jamat-e-Islami Hind, (JIH, Greater Hyderabad), to run an awareness campaign on COVID-19 Using mobile announcement vehicles in old and new parts of the city advising people to take precautions.

Distribution of masks and sanitizers

Hafiz Muhammad Rashaduddin’s (Nazim-e-shehr, JIH Greater Hyderabad) press statement


Hafiz Rashaduddin has urged one and all to take all sorts of precautions amid the growing covid-19 cases in the city. JIH feels that people are unaware and hence not taking enough precautions which is leading to increased number of infections. Hafiz Rashaduddin, citing a reference from Hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) appealed people to honour the blessing of health before the disease, take care of self and other in family, use sanitizers, wash hands frequently, use masks when going out and not go out without an emergency. He also asked people to not gather in large numbers and in close vicinity.

He appealed people to consult government’s health department and other NGOs upon developing any of the covid-19 symptoms.

Hafiz Rashaduddin announced that JIH Greater Hyderabad is running a massive campaign in both the cities to aware people on these things. Mobile announcers on vehicles are used to make sure the message reaches every household. He urged people to maintain physical distancing, use nutritious food and exercise regularly. “It is also the time to turn towards our lord, seek forgiveness and keep praying. Besides regularly praying, people must help the needy”, he implored. “Despite all the prayers, one should not lose hope on the lord if the pandemic does not ease, for the disease and the health both are in our lord’s hands”, he clarified. He requested people to take all precautions and reach out to doctors and medical fraternity when in need. We believe that if lord wills, it (the pandemic) will go away. He announced that in many parts of the city masks and sanitizers were distributed. Police and other administrative officials too joined hands with the JIH TS cadre.

In the end, He appealed other NGOs working on social, religious and political front, to aware people on the pandemic and help people come out of fear and anxiety.