Qurbani” – the animal sacrifice at the eve of Baqrid (Eid Al-Azha) is the tradition of prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). Last prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) followed the same tradition of Qurbani and emphasized and ordered His followers to follow the same. It is not merely a ceremony. Prophet Muhammad said that in the days of Qurbani God does not like anything more than the act of Qurbani. Which is why Muslims must try their best to perform Qurbani. Charity or any other good work cannot compensate the act of Qurbani. Those people who could afford to and upon whom it is mandatory to do Qurbani, and who could not do it due to Government ban or pressure, must ensure they do it at some other place where it is easy to do so. If that is also not possible, they should donate the equal amount of money to the needy after the days of Qurbani are over.

Muslims must obey the commandments of Islam by being well within the limits of the law and order of the land. Slaughtering of banned animals must not happen. Amid the worsening pandemic situation, they must adhere to the all-precautionary measures. Please do not perform Qurbani on the roads and public pathways. Especial concentration must be towards maintaining cleanliness. Blood, excreta, and unwanted material must be either buried or sent to the allocated dump yards. It will be appropriate if at every locality, there be formed committees to keep an eye on the affairs of Qurbani which would keep regular contact with local authorities and extend their help in maintaining peace and law & order. Maulana Hamid Muhammad Khan appealed to the state and central governments that as Qurbani is such an important obligation on Muslims, they must be given protection from evil doers and every possible comfort. He is hopeful that Muslims would perform Qurbani with utmost care and precautions. He prayed to God that we all live life as prescribed by God.

Press Secretary