Round table meet was conducted by GIOTelangana as a part of “Nahi Anil Munkar” (Eradication Of Evils) Campaign where representative from different organisations of Telangana discussed the solution & our role in eliminating evils from the society.

Following dignitaries were present:-
•Aqeela Khamoshi, President Tanzeem Binte Haram, Member @AIMPLB_Official
•Adv. Jaleesa, From Tafheem Us Shariah Committee
•Dr. Quddusa, From Tafheem Us Shariah Committee
•Umme Ammarah, From Aliyah Humanitarian Foundation
•Azeema Tabassum, From Understand Quran Academy
•Humera, From Socio Reform Society
•Mubeen Fatima, From Fatima Old Age Home
•Noor Jaha, From Help Hyderabad
•Asiya Tasleem, President JIH Telangana Women’s Wing
•Asma Zarzari, Vice President JIH Women Wing
•Arshiya Mudassir, From JIH Women Wing