Online Panel Discussion – Masjid: Place of worship & centre of service

Is really mosque more than a place of worship?
What are the major functions to be carried out in a mosque?
Can really mosque play a vital role in development of Muslim Ummah?
How mosques can resolve conflicts and manage crisis state of affairs?
What is the role of a mosque in critical situations like pandemic?

To get satisfactory replies of above questions and to understand many more aspects of the issue make sure your attendance and participation in a very comprehensive and wide-range “Online Panel Discussion” by Ulema, religious experts and social activists on 7th July 2020, Tuesday at 09.00 pm.

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Free oxygen cylinder service in Hyderabad City

To help COVID-19 patients or suspects battling low oxygen levels, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s city unity has started a free oxygen cylinder serivice. JIH city president Mohammed Rashaduddin said “In the city the pandemic is spreading at a faster rate, and in lot of cases oxygen is not available to the patients. To help the COVID-19 patients Jamaat has initiated this service to give immediate relief to the patients.”

We are providing 17 litre and 40 litre cylinders. Beneficiaries will have to pay a fully-refundable deposit amount of Rs.10,000 for 17 litre and Rs.20,000 for 40 litre cylinders. Once the cylinders are returned the deposit will be handed back to them. For availing this service a doctor’s prescription is mandatory along with ID proof of patient and attendant.

You can contact on the below numbers for oxygen cylinders 871 231 3740 and 939 852 1524


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Overall India relief work by JIH till April 20

The below figures are for relief work done for overall India.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been at work non-stop to help provide rations and essentials to low-income/stranded families across India to help them tide over the Covid-19 lockdown. Our volunteers reached out to 6,95,108 families till 20th April 2020.

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