The Department of HRD and the Islamic Society of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Telangana, in collaboration with Vifaq ul Ulema, Telangana, has successfully completed first spell of a very purposeful Quranic learning Program #Basic_Tajweed_Course. About 160 participants have attended the course and received their certificate of success. Initially, this program is restricted for Members of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Telangana, Members of SIO, GIO and AIITA Telangana. After going through this course participants will be able to:
• Familarize them with the basic aspects of recitation of Qur’an and be able to recite the Qur’an correctly.
• Be able to pay attention to the letters of the Qur’an as accurately as possible
• Be able to recite the Qur’an correctly by following the correct pronunciation and essential rules of Tajweed
• Recognize the diacritical marks and understand them as much as possible while reciting the Quranic text
• They should be familiar with the punctuation and symbols to the large extent and be able to keep them in the recitation of the Qur’an as much as possible.

The duration of the Basic Tajweed Course will be one month ie four weeks, and the classes will be five days a week. The course will start on October 20, 2020, Allah willing. Each class will include maximum 18 to 20 learners. The course will be affiliated to, Jamia Darul Huda and Jamia Riaz-ul-Salhat, two well-known religious schools in Hyderabad. After completion of the course, certificates will be given to men from Jamia Darul Huda, Hyderabad and women from Jamia Riyadh -us-Salehat, Hyderabad.

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